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Thank you for visiting and making The Cosmetic Surgery Coach the first step in your surgical enhancement experience.  By getting in touch now you will simplify your search for a quality surgeon and ensure a fast and easy recovery. Added to that you'll save time, spend wisely, and most importantly stay safe.



  • The volume of information available about cosmetic surgery can be confusing and overwhelming. My extensive nursing knowledge and experience means I know what really matters. I simplify your search for you.

  • There are many good surgeons around. However I have cherry picked a number of exceptional surgeons for you which means you don’t have to do hours of research, discuss your interest with anyone else, or play “lucky dip” with the surgeons you see. 

  • Contemplating surgery to enhance your appearance, no matter how subtly, is private and for some people, as secret. You might feel full of doubts and anxiety. I understand all those feelings and can guide you with sensitivity.

  • During our first meeting:

  • I will listen carefully to all your questions and concerns and advise you with kindness, pragmatism and insight.

  • You can ask me any of the big or little questions you may have about any cosmetic procedure.

  • Your safety is my first concern.  I only recommend fantastic surgeons that I know will keep you safe. 

  • Over our series of supportive conversations you'll be guided with personalised, factual and useful information to prepare and support you for both your surgery and recovery.

  • You’ll receive my exclusive care formula: “Plan. Prepare. Recover.” Plus access to my formidable “Little Black Book” of contacts built up over the last two decades. These include dentists, stylists, hairdressers, as well as a wealth of other clinical specialists and professionals.


Being impartial is key to my service as The Cosmetic Surgery Coach. The surgeons I recommend do not pay a commission, nor are they expected to pay an “administration fee” or a “ thank you fee”.  They have been chosen by me because I know they are really superb surgeons and I want you to benefit from my knowledge built over many years in clinical settings. I know what to look for, and what to expect, when you choose a surgeon. 

My expertise and my care formula has developed over the last 20 years.  I've worked in the thick of high-end cosmetic surgery as a secretary, staff nurse, theatre recovery nurse, and private practice nurse to a number of distinguished plastic surgeons. I have helped thousands of men and women, just like you, to decide if and how to take the step towards surgery and supporting them through their surgical experience and beyond .

I look forward to helping you.


 Isobel x

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