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Many surgeons starting out, or expanding, in private practice find themselves with new staff who may not be used to the nuances of a plastic surgery business.

Combining my extensive experience working in successful and established practices, and my passionate interest in the business of private practice I can help you.

I offer training sessions to all staff covering a variety of topics that we can discuss, but as an example:

Conversion, marketing, networking, sales, adjunctive sales, face of practice, patient journey, patient satisfaction and experience, telephone manner and the purpose, value and skill of information gathering for marketing purposes.

My sessions with staff are informal, bespoke and confidential.  I work with individuals directly to carefully uncover barriers that may be holding them back and empower them to be proud ambassadors for your practice. You will have hired them because you think they are outstanding, and I will help to nurture a strong brand message and customer service ethos - making your patient experience unique and special.

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