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The Cosmetic Surgery Coach offers exclusive one to one phone consultations and a bespoke hand holding service tailored to meet your needs.


It works best over the phone as connectivity is optimised and you can be in a location best for you  – home, office, car … or even walking your dog. 

The service offered by The Cosmetic Surgery Coach brings together many years of experience and provides a tailored and personalised formula to help keep you safe and confident at every step of your surgical experience.

Your consultation with Isobel, and the information that you'll receive afterwards, will not only save you time and prevent unnecessary expense, but will ultimately give you the peace of mind that you’ve chosen the right surgeon for your operation. Your subsequent sessions with Isobel will prepare you fully for meeting your surgeon, help with booking and planning your surgery and help you to get ready for your recovery which will make it swift, smooth, supported and stress free.

  • It’s easy to spend a great deal of time reading in magazines about celebrity surgeons with big PR budgets, or chatting to friends wondering who to choose and browsing surgeons websites hoping for inspiration and clarity.  

  • It’s easy to spend an awful lot of money on multiple consultation fees looking for "the right" surgeon. 

  • It’s easy to spend a substantial sum correcting a surgical mistake.

  • An unplanned and under prepared recovery will always be more stressful and take more time. Surgeons will always educate you in the specifics of pre and post surgery themselves but Isobel considers all the angles and practicalities that are just for you, your situation and your recovery.

The Cosmetic Surgery Coach looks after you. She prevents mistakes and stress, and saves you time and money.  She bridges the gap between what's necessary and what will comfort you. She empowers you to be in control of your choices, your experience and your recovery.  


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