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Palmers Cocoa Butter.  Condition the skin where your wound will be with this simple product jam packed with Vitamin E.


Arnica 30CC. Thousands of patients swear by this for reducing post op bruising and swelling.  Take it 5 days pre op and 2 weeks post op.

Skinade MD.  A 45 day nutraceutical drink system to fully support your whole body both pre and post surgery.  Formulated specifically for cosmetic surgery it boosts collagen and minimizes bruising.


Eye Mask and Ear Plugs.  An inpatient essential for a good night’s sleep and the start of healing.

Extra Strong Mints – perfect for after surgery to refresh your mouth, save some fo the journey home if you fee nauseous. 

Vomit bags x 2: Vital for the journey home after a general anaesthetic. 

Digital thermometer. The first question a surgeon asks if you’re feeling unwell is “what is your temperature”. Best to be prepared with the answer by having a new thermometer to hand. You must inform them if it’s over 37.5

Baby Shampoo.  This won’t irritate your wounds in the shower.

Microporous Tape. This helps secure loosened dressings ahead of your first follow up appointment, and is used to splint & protect scars once stitches are removed. 

Simple dressings.  These help patch up existing dressings or cover oozing areas after a shower.

Vaseline.  (not visible in the picture) This will help soften little crusts that form along scar lines.

Zoff wipes x 4.  Hospital dressings leave sticky residue.  This is a professional adhesive remover.   

Kelocote Scar Gel.  Recommended by many surgeons to assist with the formation of a good scar.  Apply & massage in once stitches are out with clean hands or a baby bud.

Heliocare 360 Factor 50.  Every scar needs sunscreen, and every face should be protected every day.  This SPF 50 is specifically formulated for sensitive post procedure skin so won’t irritate your scars.

Bed protection pads.  These are to protect your sheets or mattress or pillows from little oozes from the wound.  Use the sticky pads to secure them in place.

Face flannel x 4: After your shower you must dry your wound with a clean flannel every day.  These will get you started. You can use a hairdryer on a cool setting after the first few days.

Bath towel x 4.  After surgery you need a clean body towel every day to prevent bacteria accessing the areas near your wound. These will get you started. You must shower and not soak in a bath.  A bath is an open door for bacteria entering a wound. 

Not included but beneficial: Paracetamol – no more than 12 tablets per 24hours

E45 – if skin becomes dry and irritated around the wound area this is useful. Surgeons love it!

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