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DERMALUX FLEX   -  £1750 (RRP£1900)

This multipurpose, award winning product has been clinically proven to be both effective and safe. Originally only available as an in-clinic device it is now on sale for safe home use.  Loved by many health and beauty journalists, as well as patients and clinicians.  

It calms, soothes, and supercharges skin regeneration, and it targets bacteria so it’s ideal after

  • Surgery of any type

  • Superficial skin procedures such as peels and microneedling

  • Sporting injuries

As a long term investment it is brilliant for

  • Improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by ageing and dehydration

  • Improving the appearance of discolouration caused by solar damage

  • Improves the appearance of acne and psoriasis

  • Improves the follicle growth in the scalp and therefore aids menopausal hair thinning

  • Improves symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

  • Improving inflammation and therefore reducing pain and enhancing healing of wounds on any area of the body: face, abdomen, breasts, muscles, tendons, superficial bruises and grazes.

Wonderful for everyone in the family, … or keep it for yourself!

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